Components - Sheeting Roof & Wall Panels

  • Roof / Wall panels are manufactured out of high strength steel grade with minimum tensile strength of 550 MPa The steel base is coated with Zinc-Aluminum alloy with minimum AZ150 (150 g/m2 with minimum coating mass) as per ASTM A792.

  • Color coated Galvalume confirming to ASTM A792 specification has specifically formulated paint system for external roofing and wall cladding application to give aesthetical appearance for long lasting color for much longer time than any other conventional paint system.
  • The paint system is designed to resist chalking and fading. The painting will be baked enamel polyester or silicon polyester with a film thickness of 1.0 mil, the reverse side shall be white with 0.5 mil film thickness.

  • The Aster panels shall have 30 mm deep major ribs, which taper in width from 20 mm to 60 mm, and are spaced 250 mm on center. Between two major ribs is additional minor stiffening ribs spaced at 46 mm on center, Each panel shall provide 1000 mm coverage.
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